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david prown 120I bet it was easily 6-9 months ago that I first saw a movie theatre preview for “The Zookeeper’s Wife” starring Jessica Chastain. Looked historically interesting so I kept my eye our for it. Then the previews disappeared; the movie never appeared; then the previews reappeared and then finally it came out on the big screen.

I was not excited to see the movie due to the delay that to me hinted at “some sort of a problem”. BOY WAS I WRONG.

Loved this film and moreso as it kept moving on. The opening scenes of Antonina magical relationships with all of the animals in this family run Warsaw, Poland zoo in pre WWII was very engaging.

Her save of a baby elephant was pretty darn emotional too.

When the German’s invaded Warsaw and the zoo, the death of many of the animals (I’m sure it was computer generated” came across so real in feeling the fear and pain of the animals themselves.

In this film, Mrs. Zabinski (and her doctor husband who the Zoo’s director) are incredible hero’s in quietly saving many lives; top shelf loving parents to their children, particularly the older son and clearly adore each other.

The movie does a fine job of hinting to the horror imparted on the Polish jews and we could feel it. No the movie doesn’t show the Holacaust brutality (and maybe could have) but to me it worked perfectly and brought the perfect tension to the film. Also Chastain’s cat and mouse game with the Dr. Heck (head of the Berlin Zoo and clearly an evil, horrible man on man on many levels) is magnificant.

This movie absolutely grabbed me and embraced me. I adored it so

maybe because it also featured the magical love of animals. Learning that it is a true story and that the Warsaw Zoo continues today is special. But at the end of the day, the # of innocent Polish Jews that the Zabinski’s saved, protected and got to safety was remarkable.

Run and see this film folks – SPECIAL

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