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david prown 120Lots of time it takes a good # of years for a true story to be realized on the big screen. There are lots of reasons and generally john q. public has no idea why but I would bet most have to do with “legal hiccups” and “$”.

So it is pretty darn impressive that “Patriot’s Day”, the story of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 13th, 2013 makes it to the big screen in less than 4 years.

I was both excited and nervous to see this film about the horror unleashed on a ton of innocent Americans by 2 “needle in the hay stack” terrorists. Of Chechen decent, the Tsarnaev brothers, unleashed a city wide lockdown after detonating a couple of homemade bombs in pressure cookers.

Both brothers woke up to a seemingly regular day with family, headed out to plant the bombs and then came home. Just mind-boggling of “how easy” it is to commit a hateful, terroristic act of injury and death. Near impossible for law enforcement to prevent (though they do a heck of job).

So we all know what is going to happen and that the 2 bombs are imminent, we are still shocked when it occurs.

Unlike say “Miracle on the Hudson” where we all knew of heroics of Captain Sullenberger that day, I sure don’t recall America being introduced and remembering off the tip of tongues the heroes of that 5 day saga.

From the recently suspended Boston police officer played very well by Mark Wahlberg, to FBI lead agent played by Kevin Bacon and Boston PD Commissioner played by John Goodman works really well. There is tremendous pressure on law enforcement to wrap their arms around the # of bombers, the number of bombs still out there and so much more.

The task to organize an investigation coordinating local, state and federal law enforcement to work together with speed and accuracy is near impossible but they do it.

Hence the true story/investigation, occurs quickly, a bit disjointed as it should and maybe doesn’t explain all…but really works. The speed of the investigation happens a lot but here the audience sure gets an inside view.

Ranging from traditional police instincts and door to door questioning to high technology and help from the community, “the net” around the brothers closes very fast.

Enough said, go see Patriot’s Day



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