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david prown 120“Lion” was not a film high on my radar but a couple of just good regular folk spoke very highly about it and was essentially the story of a young boy in India that gets lost and after many years returns home.

This is the beauty of movies and why not to read much (or anything) about a movie before you go. As the movie unfolded I was shocked too realize how close to home this hits.

I will just say that my wife and I are parents of internationally adopted children some of which were not not biologically related. Boy did this movie bring up/bring back “feelings and situations”

At the end of the day, this movie is based on a true story of an extremely poor 5 year old boy. He gets separated from his hero and best friend, his older brother while going to work…yes going to work.

Lost, ends up in a city many many miles away, becomes adopted to Austraila to a loving couple. Some 20+ years later, he starts feeling some real pangs to find his biological family in India (who he knows never stopped looking for him).


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Through the magic of Google Earth software and his very very few memories of landmarks and names of places, he attempts to put the puzzle together.

Definitely a feel good, emotional movie with 2 fine lead actors (Saroo at 5 and age 30) along with well known Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara, this movie is proving popular. You will enjoy it and make sure you stay for the credits).


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