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david prown 120Was really hoping that the other day, since it was my birthday, that the stars would align and there would be a slam dunk new movie to see Alas, couldn’t make the obscure film that I wanted to see fill the time slot.

The other new movie was called ”The Edge of Seventeen” which I had never heard about & presumed was some sort of teeny bopper coming-of-age film. Did a quick check of the ratings to get a pulse and the 70-90+% rating raised my eyebrows and inspired me to check it out

I must say that this movie”The Edge of Seventeen” will not well in the box office because it decent have a an A-List actor and the story line is more “independent theatre” thinking and not so original.

It is a slowly evolving film showcasing teen “Hailee Steinfeld” (from True Grit and Perfect Pitch 2) who plays the lead Nadine and does so exceptionally well. You could really feel her teenage angst growing up with the pain of a just deceased (and major supporter Dad), a stressed widow Mom in Kyra Sedgwick and hunky, Mr. Popular older brother in the same high school. Nadine is ackward, independent, wandering and has low self esteem.

She never connected with Mom (who always gushed over her son) and had nothing in common with her brother. Around age 5 she found a best friend and really her lone friend who once in high school hooks up with her brother and friendship falls apart.

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Nadine now is fully along and feels more pain & loneliness etc. which flows right thru to the audience. She has a quirky relationship with “cashing the paycheck” English teacher played by “Woody Harrelson” in a really different and interesting role.

I thought the movie was very well done and I enjoyed it. it’s just not what I expected (which was good) and a little slow developing and predictable. But boy an Miss Steinfeld act. Won’t be in theaters for long.

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