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david prown 120I have shared previously of my phobia of 2 word movie titles starting with the word THE.   There has been many excellent “The ______” films by even more dogs.

I have a similar phobia when I see excellent movie previews yet the movie doesn’t make it to the big screen till several months later.

Any film with Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker gets my full attention.  So when I saw the preview of “Arrival” several months backed, I was very intrigued.  Time passed, the hype disappears and then “boom” the film turns up in theaters this past weekend.

However, my hesitancy was countered by a terrific Rotten Tomatoes review rating (96%) so I thought it had to be good.

Folks, it was just okay.  Okay, so these UFO ships come down to earth (12 locations) and settle in different places on our planet. Nations go on high alert and the world starts falling apart though not a single shot is fired or nary a negative step (by the guests).

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Iconic Linguistics professor Dr. Louise Banks (Adams) is called into play to decipher the codes/words being sent from the space ships (along with scientist Renner).  Whitaker is a military Colonel and runs interfere for Adams & Renner.

Interspersed in this film are Adams flashbacks to the painful death of her daughter to cancer.  Somehow, this experience is somehow supposed to influence her ability to process and communicate with these aliens. Simply went right around and right over my head.  The language of the aliens is highly complicated combination of unique sounds and written graphics.

Adams spends endless hours thru technology and her own high level mind trying to solve this communication chasm so the world won’t explode with military violence towards these visitors.  She solves it (not sure when or how) and I think she saves the day in a unique way.

Maybe I fell a asleep or maybe this movie was what it was.  Just seemed to drawn out and dots just didn’t connect.  You check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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