To the Editor:

As we approach the election, it is time to set the record straight. Much has been said and written about me the past two years. Once again, I have been targeted as the two Independent candidates have nothing to offer for the future of Atlantic Highlands. While I am the Republican Chairwoman, my life is dedicated to helping others. I spent 27 years with the American Red Cross in disaster relief, and 11 years with Family and Children Service, helping those in need. I am a member of the Board of Trustees at Portland Pointe. My ambitions and goals are to make Atlantic Highlands, where I have lived for nearly 50 years, a great place to live and to raise families.

It is not easy to be the chairman of a local party- either Democrat or Republican. It’s a thankless job that requires balancing personalities, complying with election laws, and fielding candidates whom fellow Republicans believe will serve our people with distinction. Over the years, I have supported or nominated the following to higher posts, where their experience has helped our town in many ways.

  • Former Mayor Bob Schoeffling as a current member of the Monmouth County Bayshore Outfall Authority and the Monmouth County Historic Commission.
  • Former Mayor Mike Harmon for Freeholder and as a current member of the Monmouth County Park System.
  • Steve Corodemus for State Assembly, where he served for 18 years
  • Former Councilwoman Kim Spatola to run for office of Freeholder
  • Former Councilwoman Tracey Abbey-White as a current member of the Brookdale Community College Trustees
  • Jim Krauss as a current member of the Sandy Hook Redevelopment Committee
  • France Karras as a current member of the Monmouth County Environmental Commission
  • Councilman Peter Doyle as a current member of the County Library Commission and County Transportation Council
  • AHES Board Member Brent Sonek-Schmeltz to run as candidate for Congress this year.

If you want to consider what could be perceived as errors in judgement, I even supported former Mayor Fred Rast to be Monmouth County Sheriff and two terms as mayor of our town. The former Mayor has paid back Republican supporters with letters that are baseless in fact, despicable in tone, and riddled with lies. No doubt he is pulling the strings of the current Democrat Mayor and is supporting two Independent Candidates who were rejected unanimously by a vote of 8-0 from the local GOP County Committee comprised of loyal Republicans. Mr. Rast lied to our Republican candidates last year about supporting them after the primary. For his part, after seeking Republican nomination for mayor and failing, Lou Fligor was in Democrat headquarters last November, actively working against the party who supported him for years. It shouldn’t be a surprise to Rast, Fligor or Hoffmann that real Republicans no longer want anything to do with them, nor should any Democrats.

For the uninitiated to Atlantic Highlands politics, this election is nothing more than Fred Rast keeping his “yes” men in office. As Mayor, he surrounded himself with people, who never questioned him, never engaged him in robust debate, and never voted against him. In Councilman Fligor’s case, an obvious conflict of interest exists, as Mr. Rast is landlord to the Fligor family business on First Avenue. One can only wonder how friendly the business relationship is, and if any election laws are being violated. Only they know.

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Mr. Rast, and his candidates represent all that is bad in politics. They have attacked me once again this year without proposing any new ideas. However, the public should know that I will fight for Republican ideals: taxpayer’s first, transparency, inclusive of all, seeking consensus, and NO back room deals. By engineering the withdrawal of Democrat candidates Rast has effectively destroyed the local Democratic Party. Where is the outrage from the other side? Do the loyal Democrats know that their party has been hijacked and welcomed with open arms, two candidates that have given Atlantic Highlands the highest level of taxes in history and highest level of debt with no end in sight?

Next Tuesday will determine the future of Atlantic Highlands. The Republican candidates on the ballot are Steve Boracchia and Sue Tidswell, not Jane Frotton. Both of these candidates have a stake in the future of Atlantic Highlands, with a child and grandchild in AHES. Each is well educated with professional backgrounds, they want to contribute with new ideas and to make a difference. A vote for the “Independents” will be validation that the Democratic Party is dead, that taxpayers are last, and that backroom deals and puppet councilmembers are here to stay. It’s time to vote for real independent thinkers, not fake “Independents” that are unable to question the status quo and only protect the agenda and of former a mayor.

Jane Frotton, GOP Chairwoman
Atlantic Highlands

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