To the Editor:

Over the last month or so, I have taken notice of the many accusations that range from laughable to others that are just blatant lies. All of these accusations come from the Sue Tidswell and Steve Boracchia campaign.

One of the major things that they tout incessantly is getting rid of the “old guard” when Sue and Steve are running with one of the oldest guards in the history of Atlantic Highlands. That “old guard” is none other than Jane Frotton and Jack Archibald from the Republican County Committee. Jane Frotton has served since the 70’s and Jack Archibald has served for twenty-one years. Jane Frotton has constantly and consistently been abusing her various positions for nearly thirty or more years. Recently, as the chair for the Republican County Committee she has refused “new blood” simply because they do not think the way she does.

Back in January of this year Ms. Frotton had kicked my mother, Cindy Fligor, off of her position on the Republican County Committee because of her recent nomination of the Chamber of Commerce President. Ms. Frotton abused her power under the guise of it being “a conflict of interest” showing her obvious contempt to Cindy’s new position.

I had been nominated to take Cindy’s place on the Republican County Committee. Ms. Frotton continued to abuse her power by immediately refusing my nomination without even putting it out to a vote to the entire County Committee. In her email she stated that I “was insulting, obnoxious and very immature.”

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In case you haven’t followed it, that example is the Republican Chair saying new blood isn’t allowed simply because they think differently than she does. She denied me simply because I took a stand against the losing candidate, Jack Archibald, who lost not only once by a large margin but twice.

I have news for you Ms. Frotton, being a citizen of the wonderful United States of America means I am part of a democracy and can vote for whom-ever I please. She also states that I was not a “Loyal Republican” but in reality I was not loyal to Jane Frotton or Jack Archibald.

If you have attended a council meeting since November of 2015, as Sue and Steve have never attended any of them even after they’ve started their campaign, you can’t help but wonder how Sue and Steve are getting all of their information. I have attended quite a few since then and not once have I ever seen them at a council meeting, but I have seen Jane Frotton and Jack Archibald continuously texting back and forth regardless of Mayor Rhandi LeGrice’s attempts to tell everyone before the meetings to put all cellphones away and there is to be no contact with the public audience and the council members via text. Despite Jack Archibald’s obvious bitterness towards the rest of the council and Jane Frotton’s dream of staying in control, everyone has managed to work together consistently to get the job done.

As I put a close to this letter, I have to ask Sue and Steve, who really is the “old guard”? Mayor Richard Stryker, Mayor Helen Marchetti, and Mayor Fred Rast who have done nothing but work hard for this town and for all of the people in it? Or a fat-cat who has been in her position for too long and a disgruntled council member who is very obviously bitter towards everyone?

You can decide, but I know my vote is going for Lou and Jake regardless of that fact that Lou is my father. I have my own two eyes and I have my own thoughts and I feel as a young voter representing all young voters I know I don’t want the “old guard” of which Sue and Steve are associated with and represent.

Kallie Fligor
Atlantic Highlands


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