The murals organized by myself and Caroline N.  were put up for two reasons, and two reasons only.  First to bring visual art to downtown Atlantic Highlands, which we have none, we wanted to beautify the town, make people smile when they saw it.  As we do when you see art in every other town.  

The second reason was simple, when someone sees a mural it gives a feeling of “vacation”, make you smile, improves your day.  You now take that feeling (the same one that you get when a passerby on the street smiles, and you smile back) and maybe feel a bit happier, and feel positive about the town, and just maybe walk into a local business and buy something.  It was a simple, positive way to try to help my business and the other businesses downtown.  

The future plan was to create a free map of a walking tour for people to walk around town to see other artwork and monuments around the town.  I have to say I am very sorry.  I never wanted to create this “drama” and all of these hard feelings that seem to be going throughout the town.  

I am thrilled to see the hundreds of people in support of the mini murals, and I have not seen one negative comment.  But please know, it was one complaint that started this, not the “town”.  Mr. Rast was just going by the way the current ordnance is written.  

The current covers on the murals were the only way, aside from painting over the murals, that Caroline and I could protect the building owner from getting fines in a quick manner.

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For now if anyone would be willing to help us and make a wood panel to cover the murals,  it would be appreciated as the current covers are not as attractive ass we would like.  And hopefully the murals maybe uncovered in the future.  People, please do not turn a simple project to enhance and beautify the town that we all love into a less than positive “bump in the road”.


Meredith Peltz
Vintage Variety Shop
A caring part of this community since 2004

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