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david prown 120I was pretty surprised at the box office numbers for “Bad Moms” on their opening weekend 2 weekends ago. That got my attention because most famous persons/leads in the movie are Christina Applegate and Mila Kunis (no disrespect but far from box office draws). So my curiosity was piqued but the bar wasn’t set too high.

Let me just say the funny parts of this movie (and I was a good number of them) were roaring fun. Particularly the first half of the film where Kunis plays an uber-Mom carrying the parent load, the work load and the running the household role (pretty darn common these days).

Soon she and her 2 new gal pals revolt against the helicopter Moms who live vicariously thru their kids and are WAY TOO involved with kids lives.  The trio also “says no” to over-scheduling their kids and their own lives.  Rather, they find balance at in their own lives but more entertainingly, is when these ladies let the curse words fly, go ballistic reigning ton hilarious sexual related lines, become party animals and more.

I would highly NOT recommend couples go together and best to go solo to the film or go with same sex pals (you won’t let your hair down and laugh the same if you don’t heed my suggestion).  Folks this is not a chick flick at all.  The film makes a few attempts to go down this road and the movie slows downshifts.

This movie is very R-rated comedy from “the Moms” and it is hilarious.  Would love to be a fly on a wall of a gaggle of married/Mom pals that go and hear their feedback/jokes/observations on the movie as it unfolds. Hopefully they laugh their butt off and keep saying “Yes, that is so true, or oh my god, that happened to me or I know that person”.


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Make sure you stay for the “out takes/vignettes” at the end but with the five leading female actresses in this movie and their real life moms. Those are really nice and funny and poignant


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