Dear Mr. Dean,

I want you to know how much we enjoy your newspaper when we are in Atlantic HIghlands, our home in Delray Beach, FL, or while vacationing.  Because of the Internet, your publication is accessible no matter where we are.

Not only did I enjoy reading Anna Little’s articles about the Republican convention, but I have forwarded her daily articles to friends who are interested in politics.  Hopefully, the Democratic convention will be covered in like fashion.

I also enjoy Muriel Smith’s variety of articles which are most informative and educational.

We read David Prown’s film reviews regularly and find them enlightening even though we do not always agree with his assessments. However, I  strongly suggest David Prown proofread more closely before “going to press!”  At times, sentences in his column are unintelligible.

Thank you for publishing such an informative and interesting newspaper.

Marie Gabrielson

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