david prown 120

david prown 120What a cast in “Maggie’s Plan” starring Greta Gerwig along with Julianne Moore, Ethan Hawke, Bill Hader & Maya Rudolph.   Folks that is a home run of an assemblage with a some end of year hardware on their mantle pieces.

Not a big Greta Gerwig fan but folks she is growing on me.  She always plays the same vanilla, unemotional, old fashion,  dead pan comedy of sorts.    She is officially type cast, yet I’m starting to like it. She has a Lucille Ball in her (the insemination scene is priceless)

She is a single professional in the education field who struggles with romances and is feeling her biological clock ticking. So she gets sperm from the pickle man (no joke) at the same time she finds new love with teacher/wanna be novelist “Hawke”.  He is breaking up with academic elite Moore whose own academic career is skyrocketing.  A child is conceived and you really don’t know who the father is (unless I slept thru that part), but Maggie is clearly a wonderful mom and life moves on.

Also Hawke moves on from his fling with Maggie as his career, his new relationship are stuck.  Maggie approaches Moore with the idea of reconnecting the original couple and I’ll let the story go from there.

This movie was fine but maybe too many good actors and not enough lines. Maggie’s best friends and married couple Rudolph and Hader have this sort of drab but functional marriage where they zip out blunt advice to Maggie that is pretty funny.  Enjoyed their time on screen..could have used more.

Hey, it was an okay movie but I would get to Red Bank soon to see it

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