david prown 120

david prown 120No doubt that the theaters and television were pounding the trailer/commercials for the new film “Money Monsters” as it stars 2 major box office draws in Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Title was not very grabby & the the previews looked just okay but again having 2 prime-time actors in the mix, I’m trusting they selected a good script.

I don’t need to go much into the storyline because the preview/commercials tell a good 85% off the story in the drama/tension/action flick.

A young, blue collar, father-to-be Kyle Budwell who bets all of his mother’s inheritance on a flyer stock (IBIS) promoted by Clooney who has a made-for-TV stock market guru (Lee Gates)  out to help the non guru’s of the world.

So the kid (Jack O’Connell) buys into the hype when Clooney promises that this stock is safer than a savings account. The stock tanks and the kid flips out, brings a gun and an alleged bomb to the set of the live TV show.


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The drama plays out live on, Internet and more.  The kid is looking for answers and feels he got screwed (along with many other small guys). Clooney isfed info by TV show producer “Roberts/Patty” which starts to unearth a corporate trail of deception & deceit.

This film was slow moving, not captivating much at all. And the perp walk from the TV station to the Federal Building (in Manhattan) to confront the IBIS CEO and get some answers is laughable.  Totally  escorted the entire way by NYPD and the media becomes an “escorted vs true chase scene (a la OJ and the White Bruno drama some 20+ years ago).

This movie just did nothing for me I’m sad to report I have a feeling it may have a decent first weekend box office and then will plummet fast.  Julia plays and has the only interesting film in the flick.

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