david prown 120

david prown 120The one word to describe ones feeling while watching this excellent 102 minute film (I love short films) is “tension”.  From the first moments of this film you are taken right into the story (and thankfully no useless side stories) watching a “military action..a capture” take place with players being the US colonel, their British partners, the drone pilots, the military players on the ground and several more components that make us a coordinated, international military action oh so difficult.

Add in the role of human actions, human emotion, things never going as planned and more, this “action” becomes vastly more complicated and philosophically challenging as hurdles start to pop up.

The films music/score beautifully support “the tension” in a subtle and effective way.

“Eye in the Sky” presents the compelling moral issues of a “singular strike” and how all the players combined with military chain of command, rules of laws/engagement and international values impact the realization of action.  Lots of steps, lots of protocol and lots of mature arguing to make a “kill decision”.

It was refreshing to see all this protocol, checks and balances, room for arguments which continually allowed the audience to see all sides of the issue.


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This was a very, very “even handed” film right to the very end.

Was rather disappointed that the coolest gadgets were presented in the previews and were probably presented in the 1st 20 minutes of the film.  As a result, the audience wasn’t distracted by the gadgets and were simply captivated by the story unfolding in front of us and the endless “Tension”

Really tight, quality, engaging, thought provoking film that faces our military probably more often than we would ever know.


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