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david prown 120Several years ago, I saw a fun action film called, “Olympus Has Fallen” where uber terrorists do the unlikely and successfully attack the White House.   Tons of shooting and escapes from uncanny situations were led by security officer Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) as this virtually teflon killing machine leads the counter attack to save President Asher (Aaron Eckhart).  The film also included Morgan Freeman & Angela Bassett.

Well, this “Fab 4” reconnected in the newest action thrilled with many of the same themes called “London Has Fallen”.  The story line is totally engaging as the world leaders are attacked in London at a state funeral with virtually all of the most landmarks. There are many deaths and most of the famous London landmarks are severely damaged.

So, the previews looked terrific and I was “totally thrilled” that the film was only 100 minutes long. Now I was extra juiced about going (so many of todays films are way too long).  Out of the corner of my eye when I was looking up film times on my phone, I saw horrific critic and audience ratings.  Now I was a little depressed.

Of course, the bad guys are Middle Eastern terrorists with the latest weapons and technology savvy. The President and Banning survive the 1st attack (barely) and subsequently the terrorists get their desired prize, the President, who is to be beheaded live on the Internet. Terrorists are seeking revenge of a US led drone attack on a family event which included the presence of many of the most powerful terrorists. They have a huge army of killers, the best computer keys, endless $ and cutting edge technology and more to bring the USA to its knees.

Of course, the ever loyal and bullet/bomb proof Banning executes endless killings himself and escapes from impossible situations to “save the package” a.k.a. POTUS a.k.a. President Of The United States (code name Southpaw) as he is left-handed.


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This action thriller was perfect combination of thrills, endless battles, improbable escapes, tons of death and so much more.  I was totally “entertained” and didn’t sleep for a minute.  I was shocked by the low audience/critic ratings as this film was exactly as marketed and didn’t take much brain power to figure things out.

Take 100 minutes, sit back, relax and be entertained with endless action scenes.  Really worked for me


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