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david prown 120No doubt there are Michael Moore haters…but, then again, in 2016 there are haters of Mom, apple pie and baseball, which is very unfortunate.

No doubt, I was raised in an open-minded family and generally look at the glass half full. I love the underdog, favor the under-served, and embrace different thinking and ideas.

I have probably seen 3-4 films by writer, producer, star Michael Moore’s no doubt left leaning documentaries. No clues where the $/funding comes from, however, I find the pieces stimulating, enjoyable, profound and no doubt, one side of the coin.

I really can’t recall much about his earlier pieces (that could be a sign of old age) but, no doubt, they stoke passionate feelings on both sides of the conversation.

His newest piece called, “Where to Invade Next” is so fascinating as he pokes fun at the US comparing our ways to those our European allies. Subjects he discusses on his “invasion” include: schooling, labor/working class rights/benefits, sex education, prison system/philosophy, decriminalization of drugs and more.

At points in the movie you think “I’m moving there” but then you remember its just a documentary and “probably” a bit one-sided…still it makes you think (and at many points, laugh).

The mini stories/vignettes show vast differences between those countries and us. Yet, at the end, Moore shares the historical message that so much of what those countries do was an outgrowth of our country’s roots. They have pretty much stayed the same while on many of the values/philosophies, we have moved near 180 degrees as a country.

I think this would be a fascinating film to see with young people and then have a discussion after.

I enjoyed this documentary much more than I expected and highly recommend it.

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