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david prown 120I very interested to see the move “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” because it was based on a current event that, my bad, I knew very little about. I wasn’t that concerned if the there was going to be a political spin on the this contemporary story… I was ready to be educated and entertained.

This movie jumped off the screen immediately You are quickly were transplanted to the heat, tension and violence of a true 3rd world city/country under siege. I really liked that I didn’t recognize any of the lead actors so the film would have to carry the day. I don’t travel at all so I have no idea if Hollywood’s portrayal of one of the worlds hot spots, was accurate or overly dramatized. But I bet their portrayal of Benghazi, Libya in the war torn, corrupt scary post Gaddafi dictatorship years isn’t too far off. Folks carry guns their like we carry cell phones – overt and powerful.

I didn’t I understand all the roles the CIA, diplomats, ambassadors, covert agents and more play in these countries and sure seems plenty complicated. Nonetheless, this story centers around a 6 man elite security team (all uber ex military) who are all in country to support, as instructed, the unauthorized CIA base in Benghazi.

So this 6 man team are muscled up, tough as nails, fearless, country loving, family loving guys who served multiple tours. Worked for me and sure reminded me of excellent films like “American Sniper or Lone Survivor”. Hard to understand who they work for or take instructions from as they are essentially CIA security contractors yet also free agents of sort.

Predictable maybe but a heck of a compelling movie. Tons of shooting, tons of guns, tons of death etc…along with lots of emotion by this 6 agents in regard to their unquestionable love for their fellow contractors along with family at home.


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This is a big screen movie and highly recommend you see it to be entertained. It is easy to forget that this was a true recent event (2012) and seemed like plenty of mistakes politically (lots of viewpoints). The level of training, skill and bravery of these soldiers is just off the charts.

Go see


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