david prown 120

david prown 120Well I thought I was pretty well read growing up and going to school in Connecticut (plus four …well actually 5 years of college). Yet, regrettably, I never read the Herman Melville classic “Moby Dick”.

So when I saw the previews for “In The Heart Of The Sea”, I was in no huge rush to see it plus I thought it Godzilla-like flic where the Monster would just keep eating boats and sailors.

Here the youngest survivor, in his advanced years (played very well by the excellent Brendan Glesson) , tells the painful story to writer Melvile of harrowing 2 year whaling trip out of Nantucket.

Set in 1820, Captain Pollard is a novice whale fisherman and sea captain who is born into that position and hence leads the ship to the distrust and disdain of most of the crew. 1st mate and (hunka-hunka) “Chris Hemsworth” clearly is more experienced and trusted yet has to take dangerous orders from the novice captain.

Visually captivating (though a little busy at points) and the notion of this uber whale stalking this ship and subsequent survivors for time and miles on end is a bit far fetched.

Film moves along and engages us as the number of survivors keeps shrinking and their despair and starvation lead to very difficult choices.

I will say it was better than I thought, but there is lots better in the theatre to see today.

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