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david prown 120To most baby boomers, the “ROCKY” a.k.a. Rocky 1 was a tremendous movie capturing all emotions surrounding the rise of the uber underdog Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone).  This movie killed on many levels do the story line, the characters, the soundtrack and yes the incredible boxing scene.  No surprise that this film won the Academy Award for best picture and spun of a multitude of sequels.

As long as Stallone was in the mix (Rocky 1-4), though not as good as the original, were entertaining.’ Rocky V & VI I barely remember as attempts to capture the magic and not.

So Rocky VI was made in 2006 and most folks, including me, assumed it was the end of the journey as Stallone was well past fighting age (regardless what Hollywood could create with special effects).

Now the newest Rocky film titled “Creed” I’m sure will be successful with a whole new generation of fans with falling for Creed (Michael B. Jordan) and his love interest (Tessa Thompson).  Plays on the same themes of underdog, Philadelphia based, blue collar training and of course Stallone in an aligned but different role.

For me, it was enjoyable and forgettable.  No pun intended, but I was “pounded” by the Rocky brand meaning the fighting Balboa, his timid yet wonderfully loyal wife Adrian,  the unforgettable goofy brother in law Paulie (the great Burt Young) and quintessential old school boxing trainer Mick played by Burgess Meredith).

Adrian, Paulie and Mick are no longer in the mix and for me there significant supporting characters completed the Rocky family.  Hence, though entertaining, I’m hard-wired and can’t forget the past. Must say the fight scene was excellent but the rest just okay.  Hope a new generation of Rocky/Creed fans surface and the series continues for them.


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