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david prown 120The new movie “Brooklyn” is a movie unlike any other. This is the quintessential old school romance with only PG elements and themes. Internationally based, the story is wrapped around the maturation of young Eilis Lacey (Oscar Nominated Saoirse Ronan). Her journey leaving her homeland of Ireland (which offered her little…set in the 50’s) for America where, thru the good graces of her loving older sister, arrangements were pre-made for good housing and a good job.

Watch her transition from a timid, socially awkward young lady to a self assured, happy, successful immigrant discovering and embracing the magic of America. In our very hard times in the world these days, this film grabbed a desperate audience who thoroughly enjoyed the ride back to simpler, kinder days. Add in the same time exploring the cross cultural relationships that make the melting pot of the USA a wonderful place to live.

And the audience wide rooting for Eilish to make the right decisions, find the right love, the right social relationships and maturation may sound boring yet it was exquisite and engaging. The entire film was supported by a elegant and warm soundtrack.

No doubt this film played beautifully to an older audience (50’s and up) who adored this film. The simpleness and warmness of the film easily took us away from the endless, bad news dominating our world. Watching her deal with her love for herself, her family, her church, young suitors, her work and evolve with maturity to deal with all was most enjoyable.

I think this movie will get an excellent word of mouth. Will be fascinating to see if “younger folk” (under 50) can carve out time from their plugged and harried lives to downshift and absorb simplicity and values. This movie worked exceptionally well.

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