On Tuesday, voters in Atlantic Highlands will choose their representatives to the Borough Council as well as both School Boards.  As the Republican candidate for Mayor, I believe that our residents should know as much about the candidates as they can before casting their vote.

In recent days, you’ve been bombarded with mailings, emails and other information from each party designed to give you more insight as to what each has to offer. Our mission has been to run a campaign based on experience and qualifications. To dignify the misrepresentations in the Democrats’ mailers would be a diversion from our mission.

As we know, you can’t believe everything you read and some of the stuff I’ve seen is more fantasy than reality. Truth is, it is easier to attack others than provide real solutions to the real issues that face our town.

I believe that Atlantic Highlands has been moving forward, but we can do better. Our town leadership should – and will – communicate with you on a regular basis, and through every medium at our disposal. Your borough government should be as transparent as possible. Throughout this campaign, France Karras, Jim Krauss and I have worked to do this. We have held open forums to answer residents’ questions, and we have had an active Facebook and Twitter presence.  We promise to do more of that if elected.

Our team will not be afraid to try things and examine how the Borough operates.  Residents we met while going door to door this fall proved what we believed – there is a willingness by many to help and they should be encouraged to share their great ideas.   We take each resident seriously and promise to give them the respect and consideration they deserve.  


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Republicans have a strong record of addressing the borough needs while maintaining a stable tax rate. Managing the borough is a huge responsibility, from the day to day administrative tasks, to the protection of the taxpayer’s dollars.  Many of our residents visit borough hall and they interact with our great staff – there is no reason to change something that is working well.

As your Mayor, I will cultivate an environment that will help Atlantic Highlands become more attractive to new businesses as well as support our current businesses. I will ensure that there is open communication with our schools, and will continue to support the many organizations that make Atlantic Highlands a great place. I will continue to protect our environment while maintaining the small town charm that attracted so many of us to live here.

I truly believe that our best days are ahead of us and that our foundation to succeed is in place.  Our residents are asking for someone that they can trust; I have always put the interests of Atlantic Highlands first and that will always be my priority.  

Your vote on Tuesday for France, Jim and me will be the first step towards a great future.


John C. “Jack”  Archibald, Jr.

Mr. Archibald is a candidate for Mayor of Atlantic Highlands

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