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david prown 120I go to one new movie a week and 2015 as been a very forgettable year for movies…so far. Looking out on the horizon for the balance of 2015, there are some possible special movies but nothing I’m over the top excited about.

The advance “buzz” the new film “Steve Jobs” included some pretty eye catching adjectives and phrases. This didn’t overly impress me in that most anything associated with Apple and the late Steve Jobs always had the best marketing brilliance.

Still, I wanted to see this true story on this amazing yet polarizing business talent. At the end of the day, his products on his watched transformed generations with the personal/micro computing/entertainment vision. Jobs had an unparallelled ability to create brilliantly performing products in enticing “configurations” that the consumer desired. Hence the success of his brand and products is world renown.

So lets cut to the movie which from start to finish acutely showcases Jobs brilliance combined with his arrogance and acerbic nature. This man, played to an Academy Award level by Michael Fassbender, grabs us from the moment his face hits the screen and doesn’t let go. The movie is built around several of Job’s major product releases (Lisa, Next and IMac) and the near rock concert level fervor of the techno community.

Doesn’t sound overly sexy or engaging, but folks, it is quintessential excellent movie making and watching. Directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 hours and more) and the screen play by Aaron Sorkin (Social Network, Moneyball and much more), this movie grabs you and holds you throughout.


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This movie isn’t like watching a trainwreck to see/hear some uber-cold thing Jobs will say or do to his work colleagues or family. Because the “tough stuff” is balanced with business brilliance. That’s what makes this movie so good and makes personalities like a Steve Job so engaging.

The guy is virtually friend and relationshipless (including his daughter Lisa) and his life seems held together in all areas by long time assistant (and business talent in her own right), Joanna Hoffman played incredibly by Kate Winslet. She sincerely deserves an Oscar nomination here.

She spends her life putting out Jobs’s fires while nudging him on a path forward (professionally and personally) while his seems to unabashed to blowing up that journey with a verbal bomb.

This was a TERRIFIC movie on so many levels and too, I’m sure, because many of us lived thru and were impacted by the Jobs/products/Apple era (pro or con).

This was top shelf movie which will do very well in the box office. Not a blockbuster but really well done, tight movie production that grabs you and doesn’t let go….courtesy of mesmerizing and complex Steve Jobs. Very, very well done film.

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