We are asking you to support and ask the State of New Jersey Government to move bill number A3765 (Establishes insurance and safety requirements for companies that use digital network or software application to match passengers with drivers), because allowing Transportation Network Companies (TNC) to use private cars is affecting our job and income and we will not be able to support our self and our family. We proudly live and work by the laws of our land. We wake up every morning and work hard in the hopes that We can provide a decent life for our family and it has become impossible to do so, making sure that our wives and children eat first and have cloths on their backs, We often go without because what was once a job that provided a modest but livable income has now declined to an almost impossible task to support our family. The American dream has always been that if we are willing to work hard and play by the rules we will be able to provide a decent life for our family.  Please do not let our dreams die because others are not playing by the rules as we have.

These Transportation Network Companies (TNC) are working illegally and are not following the state/cities mandated and regulated fares nor following the required regulations making it hard to compete, which is unfair to all the taxi drivers.

Also, please find below list of bills that are associated to the same matter.

A3586 -Directs MVC to establish permit and safety requirements for companies that use online application program to match passengers with drivers. 

A3401-Regulates passenger transportation companies that use an online application program to connect drivers to passengers. 


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A3755 -Directs MVC to establish permit, background check, and safety inspection requirements for companies that use online application program to match passengers with drivers. 

A3751 -Requires certain insurance coverage for motor vehicles involved in transportation network company trips. 

A3906 -Requires transportation network companies to register with MVC and maintain certain insurance coverages. 

A3854 -Requires transportation network companies to make certain disclosures and register with MVC. 

A3869 -Establishes State Taxi Commission.

In conclusion, We urge the State of New Jersey to advise the Executive authorities in every New Jersey municipality to enforce this matter by the state/cities Taxi and limousine ordinance that we have right now and immediately stop all Transportation Network Companies (TNC) using private cars according to that municipality’s ordinance.

Please see attached some forms that been signed individually by taxi drivers asking your support to this matter.

I have a lot more forms but I can not upload it all in one email if you need copy from all of them I can send it by regular mail.

 Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.


Aboelhamd Azer
East Windsor, NJ


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