Fellow Highlanders,

Since we now have nonpartisan government in Highlands it is very important that you get out to vote on Tuesday November 3, 2015.  

This year we have a terrific opportunity to vote for two new people for our Borough Council.  These new people are Claudette D’Arrigo and Carolyn Broullon.  They attend nearly every Council meeting, ask pertinent questions when necessary, and are knowledgeable in the working of our local government.

It is time to get some help in here to bring our town back and improve our tax base so that it is fair to all. I believe them to be educated, intelligent and caring people and deserving of your vote.  

If you have any questions for them, Carolyn may be reached via email at [email protected], cell phone 646-263-4747 and Claudette via an email set up specifically for the election at [email protected].  If you have questions, want them to stop by and speak to you, or  just want more information please get in touch with them.


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Would you not want some new blood running our town?  Since we have this nonpartisan system that the voters voted for and we must keep it for at least 9 more years we need to give new people a chance to do a better job.  And if they don’t, vote them out when their term is up.

Thank you,

Carol Bucco
Highlands, NJ

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