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david prown 120I had a small window of time to catch a flick this past Friday and the only ones that fit my time slot was “The Intern” with DeNiro & Hathaway (great actors, movie couldn’t be good) and “Sicario”. Sicaro…what the heck is that? (I’m thinking I’m pretty movie savvy and have a sense of most new films)..never heard of it. Did a quick moviefone search to make sure it was not a Sci Fi or a Horror floc…check.NOT..good. I never want to know a thing about a flick in advance “except the type”, but my eye catches that cast includes Emily Blunt; Josh Brolin and the always excellent Denicio Del Toro.

How do I not know anything about this movie? How can this movie “Not” be good?

Folks….my gut was right..it was good. Legendary no, will it be a box office success, no. But this was one harsh, violent in your face story of the US Federal Governments efforts to fight the war against drugs (coming in from Mexico) literally as a war. Conventional, legal, humanistic tactics are not used.

We are talking violence, torture, killing at the blink of an eye (by both sides).

This was not a slick production which actually really helped the movie along. Dirt, grime, dust, poverty, violence, faux family values and more brought this movie down to street level where the war is being fought (without rules).


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I really enjoyed and was thoroughly entertained and enthralled by the “war” Gruesome in parts yes (so I covered my eyes).

This ones a sleeper folks and excellent performances by the trio above.


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