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david prown 120I’m pretty sure I didn’t watch many episodes of the original Mission Impossible TV series (like 40+ years ago!)…wasn’t my thing. However, I’ve never missed one of the M.I. flicks (I think we are up to #5) all starring the entertaining Tom Cruise. He just kills the “Ethan Hunt” lead role and I just don’t know who could carry this series like him.

I know lots of folks don’t like T.C., but he virtually always works for me on the big screen and I’ve seen a ton of his films.

You know what you are getting in M.I. films: tons of action; extrication from impossible situations; cool gadgets; international intrigue; a pretty girl; a warped adversary… you get the picture.

Add up the repetitive (but really works) trademark Mission Impossible lead song at the head of most critical action sequences (5-10 this flick), and we have the quintessential summer blockbuster (if such a thing exists any more).

Outside of being 20 minutes too long, “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation simply works as movie fun.


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