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david prown 120I will candidly admit that “Ricki and The Flash” was not my first choice to see the other day. I was a bit tired and thought the action “Mission Impossible” film would keep me more awake. Unfortunately, my Movie App doesn’t designate regular showings vs. IMAX showings. Hence when I saw that the desired time showing of M.I. was an IMAX one, I bailed to the next line and head to “Ricki”.

If you are a movie fossil like me, you drank the “Meryl Streep Kool-Aid 5 decades ago (1979) when she simply blew us away in her break out film “Kramer vs. Kramer” opposite Dustin Hoffman. Since then, her resume of films is historic and you simply have to go see anything she is in (has to be the greatest female actress of my era).

I had seen the previews several times and I really didn’t like the title but that was no reason not to go. Folks, we are talking Meryl Streep….you go.

Cast included operatic star Audra McDonald, who is a breath of fresh air (I never knew she did movies); Charlotte Rae (of Facts of Life fame) who looks about 100 in this flick; Kevin Kline, Rick “Jessie’s Girl/General Hospital” Springfield. Interestingly enough, Springfield, who plays lead guitar and Streep’s current love interest, is given the most profound parental lines in the flick.

Twitter Version : Streep married to Kline, has 3 kids in midwest, has midlife crisis, moves to CAL to pursue rock n roll dream; Kline married McDonald and becomes the Mom; Streep never comes back till a family crisis; warm and fuzzy ending.


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All too predictable. Best part is the music and the songs (mostly fun covers) as the lead singer of the house band in a local bar. We know she can sing from “Momma Mia” & “Into the Woods” but she also learns electric guitar for this film which works well.

This film is laced with, can I dare say, nepotism. Mamie Gummer plays Streep’s daughter that is going thru the crisis (and is her daughter in real life). Directed by the famous Jonathan Demme, the cast includes 3 other “Demme’s” – no I’m not going to research the bloodline but I’m guessing “DARN CLOSE”

Folks, nobody but nobody but a Meryl Streep could make this movie work. Overall predictable and unimaginative script. But seeing the singing, especially popular era songs makes this comedy/drama sort of work.

Fun mindless film which is fine if you are a Streep-a-phobe. Works for me but unfortunately forgettable.


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