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ah life jacket loanersPicture: (l to r) Frank McDonald, Chairman of the Harbor Commission, Laura Civille, sister of David P. Civile and Rich Civille, father of David P. Civile and Harold “Smitty” Smith of Tow Boat US – Sandy Hook.

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – The Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina is proud to announce the return of the Life Jacket Loaner Station which was washed away by Super Storm Sandy in 2012. This program allows anyone who may have forgot or is in need of an additional or temporary Personal Floating Device (PFD) to use one and return it when done with their boating outing.

With the assistance of the David P. Civile Foundation, Tow Boat US – Sandy Hook and the Harbor Commission, there are 10 new and assorted size PFD’s available.

“We want to remind people that using a PFD is not only for children” said Frank McDonald, Chairman of the Commission. “We are very grateful to Tow Boat US – Sandy Hook for their donation of the PDF’s for our Life Jacket Loaner Station.”

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In addition, the Harbor Commission is proud to show support for the David P. Civile Foundation which is dedicated to promoting awareness of boating safety, the importance of proper use of PFD’s and knowledge of environmental factors such as wind and air temperatures. “Knowledge through education can save lives – we seek to inform all boaters but with a targeted emphasis on novice boaters using non-motorized recreational crafts such as kayaks and canoes” said Joan Civile whose son, David P. Civile went on a kayak trip on the Shrewsbury River in 2010 and never returned home. “This is our way of doing the best we can to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else” she added. You can visit the David P. Civile Foundation at www.davidpcivilefoundation.org   

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