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david prown 120Just like I mentioned in a review earlier this spring involving Judi Dench, Helen Mirren is another of those iconic actresses that one must see every film she’s in regardless of the theme or story line.

Fortunately in this film, “Woman in Gold”, Ms. Mirren was not only a gem but so was the film.

Based on a true story of the very recently deceased Maria Altmann.

Born & raised in Vienna, Austria, her well-to-do jewish family had their lives ripped apart by the invasion by the Nazis. Along with well documented human horrors, the Nazis also stole/looted massive amounts of art treasures including many from Altmann’s home.

The most important piece being “Woman in Gold”, painted by Gustav Klimt, which was a picture of her Aunt and the most special adult during her upbringing.

This real life national treasure painting found its post war home in an Austrian museum.

After the death of dearest sister (and going thru her things) Mirren sets out with young, novice lawyer< Randol Schoenberg played well by pretty boy Ryan Reynolds (who had an Austrian heritage too) to carry on the family earlier families effort to return was “rightfully ours”.

I thought it was a most fascinating showing the journey (the highs & lows) dealing with courts in both Austrian and American court system (including the US Supreme Court).

Not often the “little guy” (or in this case gal) even has a realistic shot against the big boys…here an entire country.. Regardless of the outcome, watching the real life story play out on the big screen was very engaging and interesting.

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