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locust lake marsh sandy taylorAtlantic Highlands, NJ – The Second Story Art Gallery presents “Mind Scapes,” an exhibition by artist Sandy Taylor, with an opening reception on Saturday, May 9 from 5:00 to 7:00pm at 78 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands.  Exhibition is free and runs from May 9 to June 6.


Artist Statement

Memories, time and space as inner visions – what I think I remember, what I have recreated, what I am inspired to see, all jumbled into landscapes of the mind. The serendipity of the elusive and intriguing, of a presence somewhere, someplace, only for the moment then gone. They are my inspirations to paint.

Extracted, defined, delineated, created – shapes, colors, tangible evidence of memories.  Sometimes figures and forms emerge, in a stream of consciousness kind of way. Later on, when I look again, they lead the way.

I love to explore how edges come together, how colors and light spill and flow,  how the ephemeral nature of shadows, sun, snow and sand glitter then disappear.

This collection of experiments in oil with cold wax, combining my love of texture, color, and nature, reflects new explorations in illuminating my mind scapes.

Second Story Art Gallery

Second Story Art Gallery exhibits artwork that is highly crafted, but also goes beyond the material and speaks to and comments on its experiences in the world. Committed to the local community, Second Story Art Gallery works with other galleries and arts organizations to promote arts and culture in Monmouth County.

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