david prown 120

david prown 120Take James Bond but instead of a 1 man show imagine Batman and his sidekick Robin.  “Kingsman – The Secret Service”, stars Colin Firth as the Bond equivalent (Harry Hart) and the lead field agent for an uber upscale and secretive spy agency.  Then add in the great Michael Caine who plays “M” equivalent as the senior statesman/leader of the Kingsman. Samuel L.  Jackson plays the incredibly brilliant and evil bad boy “Richmond Valentine” who uses his vast wealth, celebrity status and his companies technical product (cell phone) to make the  world a distinctly different world in a very warped way.

The main twist is the recruitment of a nobody kid off the street who makes it thru an incredibly tortuous and challenging training program to be the “next  Harry Hart”. Dapper and destructive, this movie is an odd mixture of debonaire men and sickening violence.

The church brawl provides maybe some of the the most violent killing (by a singular human) in the history of movie making.  Not my kind of flick yet weirdly entertaining.

At the end of the day, this movie really didn’t work for me and pretty predicable. But I bet it does very well at the box office due to the excellent cast, the many lovers of Bond/British Secret Service movies combined with some unforgettable violence.

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