Baby…it’s cold outside! We’ve experienced near record lows this year. With these freezing cold temperatures comes additional problems besides just trying to stay warm – the low temperatures in combination with precipitation and other weather conditions causes havoc on our roads. The County Public Works Department has been very busy the past few months, ensuring that county roads are safe to travel on by pre-treating and plowing on a consistent schedule and staying ahead of the accumulation. By pre-treating our roads, the snow and ice begin to melt as soon they hit the asphalt and also makes plowing easier and much more efficient.

In addition to keeping the County roads safe, our Public Works Department has been helping municipalities throughout our county as well through our County Shared Services program.  We have recorded cost savings across several municipalities by providing plowing services as well as access to the pre-treatment solution. There are many outstanding projects currently in the upstart stages in the Shared Services arena.

The County has spearheaded an effort to organize and facilitate existing projects as well as continue to grow and expand the shared services program. The County serves as a “one stop shop” for any County Department or Monmouth County municipality that seeks to access cost savings through county provided resource programs or the ability to access a system in which they can identify a “match” and enter into a share services agreement with a neighbor(s) who is seeking the same savings in the same area of services.  The Shared Services team can help your municipality identify services, commodities and other opportunities in your community. The uniqueness of this program is that we can help you find the elements that meet your town’s needs – the program is customized for each municipality.

The viability of shared services has been proven through the significant reduction in expenditures required by local governments to deliver the required services to their constituencies. Shared Services works and can produce a positive reduction in costs to taxpayers and relieve budgetary stress while continuing and potentially expanding the routine delivery of services.  In addition, by participating in shared services through Monmouth County government, all municipalities save an enormous amount of time and additional taxpayer money on the legal, administrative, bidding and processing costs that cannot be readily measured. Shared services are offered in the following areas: 911 and Dispatch Services,Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance), Dispatch Services, Public Works, Information Technology, Recreation Services, Computer Lab Facilities, Library Facilities , Gas and Vehicle Fueling Services, Solid Waste Disposal, Recycling Joint/Co-op Insurance Purchasing Programs Financial Administration, County Available Resources Programs, School Boards, Open Space acquisition, Municipal Court Consolidation, Gypsy Moth Spraying, Guardrail Installation, Snowplowing, Fuel and Rock Salt Purchasing and Filling Stations, New Truck Wash System

For additional information on partnering with the County on any of these services in your municipality, please contact the Monmouth County Office of Shared Services, Stephen G. Callas, Director, Hall of Records Annex, One East Main Street, Freehold, NJ  07728; Phone: 732-577-8709; Email: [email protected]


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Thank you and stay warm and safe.

-Freeholder Thomas A. Arnone

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