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david prown 120It is almost a rite of passage to go to see a new release movie on Christmas Day. If you asked me 4 weeks ago, it seemed like there was going to be 3-4 must see films. Some release dates got changed, some released only in major cities (like “American Sniper”) and some really got panned by critics early and often (like “Unbroken”).

Not a big fan of musicals to the big screen (not so promising review of “Annie” – forthcoming), so I wasn’t inspired at least today to see “Into The Woods”. So “The Imitation Game” rose to the top (and was really my only movie of interest)

Always love “based on true story” movies especially ones I know little about. Previews pretty clear that the setting was England during WWII and the gathering of assorted “numbers/puzzle” geniuses to covertly crack the unbreakable German code/machine called Enigma.

Starring as the uber-quirky Professor Alan Turning (Benedict Cumberbath) along with fellow genius Kiera Knightly (who played the lone female in group Joan Clarke) and few others, they are under immense pressure to crack the code, shorten the war and save millions of lives.

Under 2 hours which was good and just a little slow in parts (but very few). Nicely tense and moving along while flipping back in forth in time in a way Not confusing. There are few important side stories that add to the incredible pressure (self and from his superiors) for Turing to crack this code.

Film was historically fascinating (and I hope accurate). Turing’s invention is the heart and soul of our society. But his silent heroism is explained very well in this movie and why we are only just learning of what he and his team did.

Good viewing.

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