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david prown 120I’m not a science guy.  I have no true understanding of the genius of uber-astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. But the reviews looked interesting and I like to learn new things about folks or events that I know little about. 

“Theory of Everything” is not some heavy science movie speaking to his brilliance and when it goes there you can conceptually understand its place in the film. Simply, this was a movie predominantly about a beautiful relationship between a husband and a wife who fully realize before they even get married the seriousness of his disease. They accept his 2-year prognosis to live with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and amazingly he is still alive some 50 years later.

I’m sure Eddie Redmayne (Mr. Hawking) and Felicity Jones (Mrs. Hawking) have had some nice roles in their careers. However, their performances here totally embrace the audience and will definitely be in discussions for year end awards.  Mr. Redmayne is epic in capturing this progressively physically/muscularly devouring disease, especially in the early stages.   The resemblance of Mr. Redmayne to Mr. Hawking is remarkable.

Jones plays the quintessential supportive loving strong wife based on the memoir she wrote about her life with her husband. They clearly have their ups and downs dealing with the struggles of the disease and pulling on the brilliance of his brain.  Throw in his hurdles of being a father of 3 and a husband and hurdles abound.

I really liked this film and you will too. It is enjoyable and warm.

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