david prown 120

david prown 120It was Halloween Day and I fully suspected the theaters to be littered with useless Halloween horror/gore flicks that I dislike immensely.

I had a small window of time to fit in a movie in and stumbled upon “Before I Go To Sleep” starring A-listers Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. A very superficial search on the web revealed that it was a psychological thriller not a gorefest..so I was in.

This film develops slowly and as a result I fell asleep a couple times yet I really did not find myself lost once I awoke. Story focuses on Kidman whose was in an accident which causes her to lose her memory in full overnight. Every morning she is re-programmed to start building her memory via various support tools to get thru the day.

Not surprisingly at all, this triggering starts releasing some additional memories and leads to the uncovering of secrets that led her to her current state.

Big deal..talk about a forgettable movie. It may have been well scripted, but at the end of the day I probably would have been better off sleeping right through it all. No way this one does well in the box office.

Skip this one folks.

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