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david prown 120I was desperate for a “take me away” movie the other day and at the same time I wasn’t interested in 2 hour plus movie, especially ones that have gotten mixed reviews, like “The Judge” and “The Fury”.

I got locked in on Bill Murray’s “St. Vincent” and folks this movie was an utter HOME RUN. Talk about magical movie making with brilliant casting, totally engaging script, and a terrific supportive sound track. Seriously, my face hurt throughout most of the movie from smiling “so hard” plus having plenty of enjoyable laughs. Yet at the same time, this movie allowed us to look really close to the real regular folks with real issues that connected.

All the layers are peeled back on all the characters perfectly. How much fun to see Bill Murray as an awesome curmudgeon (yet extremely kind soul underneath as shown in his special scenes with his Alzheimer stricken wife): the physical comedy beast Melissa McCarthy in a serious role as a single mom with a 12 son and zero child support; and A-list actress Naomi Watts playing a pregnant, Russian stripper/hooker and the discovery of Jaeden Lieberher, who plays son Oliver, whose innocence combined with significant intelligence kills that role.

Seriously if you don’t truly enjoy this film you are not open minded and empathize with the folks down on their luck. The crux of this film is the wonderfully improbable friendship and respect formed between the innocent Oliver and the straight-shooter drinking, gambling, smoking, socializing Bill Murray.

Set in Brooklyn, Bill, Oliver’s de facto babysitter, brings the 12 year old right into his life without any sugar coating. It just works in so many ways. Go see this movie …please.

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

Most impressive aspect of this film, while the credits role, Murray sings along (on his archaic cassette player) to a legendary Bob Dylan song. No outtakes or bits of comedy. Just a simple aging man watering (assorted things) in his back yard. It was a priceless finishing touch on a top 5 movie of the year easy. During the credits, the entire audience stayed, I believe, out of utter respect for the film.

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