To the Editor:

At the Lincroft Village Candidates’ Night last night I was able to hear candidates for Monmouth County Freeholders board and Middletown Township Committee. It was a great opportunity to get a flavor of their views and personalities.

One important issue discussed was that of having a code of ethics and an ethics board. The need for these became apparent when several ethical lapses by incumbents were mentioned.

I was further disconcerted by an obvious lack of respect toward their fellow candidates and the audience displayed by the Middletown Committee candidates.

They constantly whispered to each other while a speaker was talking. As at Middletown meetings, Mr. Fiore showed his displeasure by eye-rolling and making faces. It was distracting and reminded me of their frequent meeting behavior, including yelling at public speakers, and of grade school, when the teacher would say, “Do you have something to share with the class?”

Their challengers, Patrick Short and George Mardinly are ethical gentlemen who have not displayed such behaviors, but instead listen with empathy and respect to our citizens. I will feel much safer and respected when the challengers replace the incumbents.

Carolyn Schwebel
Leonardo, NJ

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