george hancockstefanSometime last year, I shopped at one of the large stores in the Monmouth Mall.  I bought a suit and the gentleman selling me the suit was so nice that against my better judgment I agreed to get a store credit card.  I say against my better judgment because I stay away from credit cards and yet I got this card because the gentleman was one of the nicest salespeople that I met. I just could not refuse his offer for a store credit card!

Within a couple of months, I discovered that my agreement to have this credit card also gave my name to a number of publications that I have never seen before.  I considered myself a well-versed person in various domains such as Bible, theology, philosophy, history, literature, philosophy, and politics. In order to stay atop in these fields, I read books and various important journals.  The journals that I received were journals that usually I do not read. The credit card gave me subscriptions to Natural Health, Shape, Ladies’ Home Journal, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.  It is the end of the free subscription year and the invitations for renewal are arriving.  Most likely, I will not subscribe to any.

However, in addition to the humor that was created at the house when I received the first three journals, Natural Health, Shape, and Ladies’ Home Journal in my name, is the fact that I started to read the other two with regularity.  The last two Entrepreneur lead articles were on Young Millionaires and Brilliant Companies.  The Fast Company October issue had as its main article “Can Google Outsmart Apple?  The reading has been exhilarating, revealing a world that moves at a much faster pace that I am comfortable.  It is a world in which technology dominates, relationships are international, and companies come and go at the speed of light.  The financial conversations are in millions and sometimes billions of dollars. The other scary thing was the number of times when I understood the words, but the concepts were difficult to understand.

In the midst of these enjoyable readings, I started to receive loads of information from Medicare because next year, I will be 65. All the options that Medicare presents are mind-boggling, even though I do not plan to retire yet.  To solve this confusion, I went to a Medicare seminar to learn the process, so I will not miss some important dates that Medicare is pretty adamant about.

To add spice to life, the seminary where I teach wants the professors to become versatile in new teachings methods.  This means adapting from a regular classroom to a course online.  Thus, this fall, I am learning how to teach online because come January 2015, I will offer my first online course in Church History.  Not only will it be an online course, but I will teach Church History to students who will become Youth Pastors throughout the world.  The world of Jesus, which used scrolls and parchments, and the world of Martin Luther, that has greatly benefitted from the Guttenberg press, will be presented from my office to students who will take this course from around the world.


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The world is changing and together with the world we are changing as well.  The pace has accelerated for the young and for the old. In the midst of all of these changes, wherever we are going and no matter what our pace will be, God is always ahead of us.  Nothing surprises him, He is never late, He is always in the present and He is always all-knowing.

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Rev. Dr. George Hancock-Stefan

George Hancock-Stefan

Pastor George Hancock-Stefan completed 30 years as the pastor of the great congregation at Central Baptist Church in Atlantic Highlands in 2020. Those 30 years have been a blessed time for him, his wife...