Dear Editor, The pecking order of the globe has been changing quite a bit and it's not in our favor. Countries like China, India and Russia are quickly becoming predominant on the global stage. American independence has been a failed experiment and we must return to being a part of Great Britain.  Our compatriots in Canada, Australia and New Zealand should also join us on a return to the UK and more prosperous times.  We are all clearly one people as British colonized nations, sharing a unified English-speaking culture and legal system. An Anglosphere Union would be much cohesive than the European Union has been.  I am proud of my British culture as an English-speaking American from New Jersey. We need to stop denying our proud past and celebrate our bonds with the rest of the English-speaking world through reunification with our true home country: Britain.  Bring back the British empire and God Save the Queen.  Eric Hafner Toms River

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