Naved Husain’s recent letter to the editor about Verizon’s use of a wireless home phone service called Voice Link is riddled with inaccuracies.

Husain argues that wireless technology and services like Voice Link are outdated, when in fact, wireless is a tried and tested technology that millions of people rely on every day. 

Given the flexibility and reliability of wireless networks, many home alarm and medical monitoring systems now operate wirelessly.

Husain’s objections bring to mind complaints about past innovations.  When Caller ID service was introduced 25 years ago, there were howls of protest from critics concerned about revealing someone’s name and number on a Caller ID display.  Today, Caller ID is a standard feature people expect to have, and the critics’ dire predictions about the new service never came to pass.

Voice Link, despite how Husain has mischaracterized it, is an optional service that Verizon offers its customers in New Jersey.  It is a voice-only service, and for customers with data needs, security systems, medical monitoring or credit-card processing services, they can continue to use Verizon’s traditional landline service.

From a public safety perspective, Verizon Voice Link provides the same emergency capabilities as landline-based telephone service and includes detailed caller location information for 911 dispatchers – just like a traditional landline phone.  Services like Voice Link are no more subject to network congestion than landline telephones.                                                                                                                           

Verizon continues to enhance our customers’ experiences and transition into an era of higher quality telecom services.  For some, Voice Link has been an ideal fit for their voice-only service needs.  As communications technology continues to evolve, Verizon will be there for our customers, investing in the best technologies to deliver consistently reliable communications services for them.


John Szeliga

Verizon Director of External Affairs

Spring Lake

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