A recent letter from AARP’s Jeff Abramo about Verizon’s obligations to provide telephone service in New Jersey and the technologies the company pushes flawed arguments not rooted in reality or supported by fact.

Verizon leverages the best technologies – fiber, wireless and copper – to give our customers in New Jersey the best array of options to meet their current and future telecommunications needs.

Advanced communications services and technologies like Verizon’s Voice Link have enhanced the customer experience and greatly improved network reliability.  In short, they are the new lifelines of the 21st century.

Mr. Abramo is playing the real shell game here, using misinformation to criticize the technology rather than admit that Voice Link is an ideal option for some customers. 

Whether Mr. Abramo wants to accept it or not, the future of telecommunications is here today and is delivering a superior service experience for customers using a range of technologies.

Verizon has more than met it obligations to provide affordable and reliable telephone service for its New Jersey customers, investing more than $4 billion over the last five years in its networks across New Jersey to adapt to the evolving telecommunications world.

If anyone is guilty of misdirection, it’s AARP, which hypocritically pans Verizon’s Voice Link while at the same time promoting to its members a similar wireless home phone product marketed and sold by Consumer Cellular. The AARP receives royalties from Consumer Cellular in exchange for pushing the product to its members.

It’s time for AARP to accept how new technologies like Voice Link are actually providing seniors a rock-solid voice service they can depend on in any emergency situation.


Sam Delgado

Vice President of External Affairs

Verizon New Jersey


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