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david prown 120I am quite sure I never saw a preview for the new movie “100 Foot Journey”. However any movie starring Helen Mirren always gets my attention and a becomes an instant must see.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t know that this had a food theme nor an international culture clash theme (2 of my favs). Somehow, I did have a feeling that it was a clean/feel good movie. In fact, I was both shocked and pleased that it was rated PG (not even PG-13).

The change in the political climate and a family tragedy leads the very close multi-generational family to leave India and journey into Europe searching for a sign.

An out of the blue automotive breakdown outside a small French community is the sign they are looking for and begin the new life there.

So much of this Indians’ family life is rooted in meal preparation and the appreciation of foods, spices, and more. In their new home, they introduce the explosion of flavors and spices everpresent in their food to this generally open minded French culture via a restaurant.

A very regal, elegant, high end, Michelin rated French restaurant happens to be located 100 feet across the street from this new Indian eatery. Owned by the legendary Helen Mirren, in short, culture and business competitive juices butt heads along with development of two nice interpersonal relationships.

The attention and cinematography focusing on the preparing foods, the preparers and the final product is spectacular a la the recent great movie “Chef”. The camera hones in on the preparation of the foods at the earliest stages including shopping at the street market right on thru the final product.

I have no clues how to cook (nor interest) but have tremendous respect  for the passion of the preparers in this film (especially the son played by Manish Dayal) who is plays the role of one of the worlds finest chefs.

Tremendously entertaining watching him and other culinary geniuses at work both preparing meals plus “practicing” on their own time.

This was a terrific film with a most agreeable story, a terrific cast and nice sub-stories.

You and your family will really enjoy this film….just don’t go on an empty stomach.

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