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david prown 120Repeat after me…”Though Shall See Special Effects Movies Only on Big Screens”

I have been saving this for years but I’m a ridiculously slow learner. More often than not,  my movie choices are based on “time slots that work” and that is my bad. That is what I did yesterday as I wanted to catch some of the Toms River Little League World series game (I think the story of their Kayla Roncin is remarkable).

I went to see the special effects thriller “Into The Storm” in the smaller screen Middlebrook theatre in Ocean Twp. As a result, it had a small audience (not always so bad) and a small screen (bad…see above)

I remember seeing the trailers for “Into The Storm” and visually they were pretty amazing. Essentially Twister 2 (or 3) set in the midwest following professional and ya-hoo storm chasers in search of the biggest twister/tornado storm of all time.

Of course they find the Mega Storm and plenty of useless side stories supported by a weak script and forgettable characters (seriously I don’t think you will recognize the name of a single actor in this cast).


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This movie is all about the special effects and well worth seeing it on a big screen. The film is only 1 hr. and 29 minutes long and is rated PG-13. Although I saw it on opening day, it was at Middlebrook and near emply.  I’m telling you this movie will be a big hit (though there is plenty of competition with comic/action figure-themed movies that appeal bigtime to the youngins’….not a fossil like me.

Quite entertaining and would be even more so on a giant screen. Worth seeing and at the end you realize why you don’t live in the storm/weather plagued midwest and be grateful.

Mindless summer movie watching.

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