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david prown 120The movie “Chef” has been out for several weeks. All I knew was that it starred “Jon Favreau” who I clearly remember from the awesome guys comedy 1996 with Vince Vaughn which was legendary.

One other thing I knew about this movie was that there was some great cooking/food scenes. I’ll never forget going to “Big Night” in 1996 and being in absolute agony watching the culinary themed movie on an empty stomach.

Me and a friend took 10 Red Bank kids to a World Cup game on the big screen at Surf Taco and loaded up on full. This was a great move and sincerely suggest you go to this movie on the same full stomach.

This 2 hour comedy with some beautiful father/son scenes is movie magic that you only find at independent/art type theaters. This reminded me of “Juno” where it is just wrong that that a film like this doesn’t find its way to the masses at the cineplexes of the world. This movie I think has been in Red Bank for at least 3 weeks and was easily 90% full on a Friday night. The audiences adored this film and I just checked the ratings on moviefone.com and Rottentomatoes.com and they are thru the roof

The cast also included 2 utter knockouts (Sofia Vergara) & (Scarlett Johansson). This movie must be pretty darn good if I wasn’t flipping out when either of these two uber-beauties left the screen.


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But the cast also included Bobby Cannavale, Oliver Platt, Robert Downey Jr.,John Leguizamo and the icon Dustin Hoffman….enough said.

Favreau plays the role of a divorced Dad (Carl Caspar) who loved his career cooking well over his family. He was an absolute pro who thought about his craft every moment he was awake and practiced, practiced, practiced. It was beautiful to watch someone so in love with their career and performing at the highest echelon.

This near psychotic devotion to his craft, which initially nearly cost him his family, also costs him his job as he goes nuclear on a food critic and his boss. Once he hits bottom, he returns to where he found the love of his life and his love of cooking (Miami Little Cuba neighborhood).

Also fun was watching this fellow fossil talk about and start interacting with social media (plays an important role in the movie) and how it interplays with his son and their relationship – hilarious and quite believable moments.

We are talking about a very likable movie, beautifully cast with tons of good laughs and feel good moments. I kept thinking things were going to crash (and praying they wouldn’t…they don’t).

Folks, do not miss this delightful comedy (here I go again with these sappy old folk words). You will really enjoy. Rated R but just due to language. Really worth seeing in a theatre and laughing with every one else.

P.S. Did I say this movie was about food and food trucks?
Just check out my stomach and you know I love both (hello Red Bank boro …please loosen up your laws on this subject).

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