Each winter, a substantial number of residents that have sidewalks in front of their homes fail to clear them of snow and ice as required by township ordinance.  This forces a large number of our young people to walk in frequently busy township and county roadways during the early morning and late afternoon during times of low light and heavy use by vehicles.

Middletown Township ordinance # 234-55 clearly requires the owners, occupants or tenants of any premise, residential or business, to remove all snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow has fallen.  In the event that it has become so frozen that removal is impracticable, it must be thoroughly covered with sand, salt or cinders within that same 24-hour period.

The ordinance further prohibits the throwing; placing or depositing of snow or ice upon any street or sidewalk within the Township of Middletown.

“Besides having a legal requirement to clear their property and keep our sidewalks and streets safe for passage, residents have a moral requirement to ensure that our children get to and from school as safely as possible during the winter months.”

Homeowners who have planned vacations or are no longer physically able to maintain their sidewalks during the winter months should make alternate arrangements before the upcoming season.

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In addition, homeowners who have driveways should remove all vehicles from the front of their house and park on their own property so that snow plows can do their job properly.

Officers will be targeting those businesses and residents throughout the winter season who fail to comply and keep their sidewalks clean, as well as those who deposit snow back onto township roads and creating further hazards.


Robert Oches
Middletown Police Chief

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