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david prown 120I’ll be the first to admit I enjoy well made romantic comedies/chick flicks if you will.

Both “Notting Hall” and “Love Actually” with Hugh Grant I thought were tremendously enjoyable. The creator (not sure what that means) of those two films just released everywhere “About Time”.

Marketed as a romantic comedy with a time travel twist, looked “just okay” in the previews. But since I adored the other 2 films (above) , I had to go.

Too long (2 hours and 4 minutes), the time travel angle only worked for the 1st 20 minutes and this movie just didn’t have much magic. I liked the lead characters, the couple, (Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams) but it had just an okay script. Some nice romantic scenes and some poignant life lesson moments that were nice. Plus, when used, I thought the music was terrific.

Loved Gleeson’s special relationship with Dad (Bill Nighy) and the lead couple clearly were very much in love and compatible. But the movie just kept going on and on.

I didn’t fall asleep but this movie really didn’t work. And I’m still trying to figure out why this movie was R – no frontal nudity, barely a bad word and no violence…explain to me.

I think movie is going to die quickly in the box office…don’t rush to see it.

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