Dear Editor:

Regarding the “Affordable Care Act (ACA)”, some things need to be cleared up for many Americans and other “failed policy apologists” that are failing their families and communities daily. 

As of this writing, 800,000 New Jersey citizens have fallen victim to  insurance policy cancellations. The reason for this is that under the ACA (ObamaCare), these insurance policies that all have been happy with and that they like, do not meet the vague and veiled standards of the ACA. Over 24 times on national television, Obama promised, “that if you like your health insurance and doctor, you can keep them, period.” That is not the case, but in fact a lie that such “conservative” media centers such as NBC. CBS, the L.A. Times and the New York Times have clearly exposed.

 Secondly, Obama and his “advisers” clearly erred again in the program design. Under his ACA, young people were expected to buy in to the plan to support the older and poor. Apparently that “crack” White House crew forgot that they enacted the ability for children to stay on their parents insurance until age 26, clearly eliminating a major source of funding ObamaCare by their own hand.

I would ask if New Jerseyans and all American men and women, regardless of age, as they will have to pay for unneeded services underObamaCare…Do women truly wish their policies to cover prostate exams because it is paid for? I have no need for abortion services or pap smears as God has narrowed my ability to get those “free” services.

 Finally, allowing government control of 1/3 of the economy? When has it (the U.S. government) ever proved it can do anything except design a postage stamp?  Anyone who truly believes that the government can succeed at anything except “gain weight” and layers of bureaucracy ad infinitum.,  is not very clear as to what the purpose and limitations are on the government. Then again, some people love to be motivated by fear and submit to anything any branch of government or any political party dangles before them. That, my friends, is truly why we are at where we are at in America. Maybe its time to leave Oz and get back to reality.

 Rev. Steven Maness, Ph.D.

Member – Black Robe Regiment

Parlin, N.J.

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