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david prown 120Out of respect, went to see the Robert Redford film “All is Lost”. Knew absolutely nothing about this film (theme, era, other actors etc). Within short you learn the movie is about a elderly, experienced sailor sailing from point a to point b solo across the Indian Ocean. Why ???

In short, you know the story because Redford narrates his final words/note to family or somebody (virtually the only words in the entire movie). Take the words of that note combined the name of the movie and movie over. Essentially you are watching a slow death and there is no Disney ending coming….what is the point?

Well acted but not a very unique script. Clearly Redford is portrayed as a highly experienced sailor, boatsman, mechanic etc. and uses his many years of wisdom to remain calm, think and overcome. Visually very interesting to watch and the lack of sound beyond the sounds of the ocean, the creaking boats, Redford and an occasional light sound track, we are talking utter silence.

Everything that possibly can go wrong on his damaged sailing boat and life boat, goes wrong. However, this movie is portrayed as a story taking place currently. Yet no built in satellite beam to signal help and no family seems to know he missing or looking for him. Of course, passing huge freighters and signaling with flares and fire and being in a boat yields zero results.

Interesting to watch this senior “McGyver” deal with endless obstacles and overcoming. But said earlier, it was clear as day where this movie was going.

Brilliant what Redform has done for independent films thru Sundance Film Festival. But box office wise, this film isn’t going anywhere.

Sorry, just didn’t work as a film.

Just didn’t work AT ALL and will be out the theaters soon.

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