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david prown 120I’ve shared often that I enjoy movies based on a true story andparticularly the ones where I know barely anything about the “true story”. Hence this movie, “Captain Phillips” based on the true story of a US Cargo ship pirated in Somali waters was a story I barely recall. So I was an utter sponge taking in every aspect of this remarkable film and cast.

It has always baffled me how some director saw “Tom Hank’s Magic” as an actor coming off of the TV sitcom decades ago “Bosom Buddies”. His body of work and a majority of his films are nearly in a class of their own. This uber honest actor lets the audiences get inside his role over and over and connect with his role and his films.

This role is no different as Hanks is the captain of the enormous Maersk Alabama cargo ship traversing international yet dangerous waters around Africa. This ship of only 20 men is unarmed accept for water cannons and flares….sort like our world pre-911 or schools pre-Newtown, CT.

The tension of this film was beautifully and slowly intensified as the move moved along and no napping during this thriller. Brashness and fearlessness of the 4 pirates seizing such a ship is mind-boggling yet clearly they knew they were not going to encounter guns. Take the ship, collect a big ransom and go back to Somalia.

Clearly there was an underlying fear of their local war lords who were going to take a vast portion of any ransom while the pirates would remain in poverty and feel threatened.


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Just a fantastically well done film and know world of ship pirating must be dramatically harder and more dangerous. Tom Hanks owned this film and you champion his innocence, leadership, bravery and professionalism while clearly there was a caring father and husband at his core.

This movie will do great in the box office as it is so well done.

Definitely see

it on a big screen.

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