david prown 120

david prown 120I was intrigued and wanted to see the new movie, “The Prisoners,” but its 1:46 minutes…who has that kind of time? I defaulted and saw “Battle of the Year” in 3-D (what a total $ grab…who needs to see dancing in 3-D).

Totally predictable movie..this script has been written several times.

Playing at Monmouth Mall and I was the only one in the theatre on opening day…I guess Chris Brown is a “box office bomb”.

Absolutely no point to this movie and totally “been there…done that”.

Yes, enjoyable to see all the dancing “battling”, but to a novice like me, there was no difference in the dancing between the 1st scene and last. Lots of training, practicing, coaching, specialists brought in to upgrade the team, but no quality difference to me.

Athletically, what these B-boys dancers are doing is utterly amazing. But if you don’t know the rules of “a battle” nor understand the nuances of what separates good from great in this dance genre, then the film is useless.

P.S. It was useless.

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