Dear Editor,

As a drug policy reform activist and longtime New Jersey political operative, I am very proud to announce my full endorsement of Senator Barbara Buono for Governor, Milly Silva for Lt. Governor and Mayor Cory Booker for US Senate.

These fine candidates and proven leaders have stood for sensible, just policies that include safe, legal access for medical marijuana patients and ending the criminalization of non-medical users.

In the meantime, Governor Christie (often accompanied by drug war profiteer and professional prohibitionist, Assemblywoman Angelini) has sought to destroy the state’s medical marijuana program and thinks all cannabis consumers should be arrested. He is such an off-the-wall extremist in his ideology that he has attacked the federal government for respecting voter approved state laws on medical marijuana and marijuana legalization.

The bottom line is New Jerseyans agree that medical marijuana should be available legally for anyone with a medical need and recreational marijuana should be treated like alcohol. With Governor Buono, Lt. Gov. Silva and Senator Booker, these views will be translated into public policy to reduce crime and improve public health.

If Governor Christie is not stopped now, he is going to end up running for President in 2016 and if elected Christie will spread the problems of New Jersey across the United States and around the globe. Even people who live outside New Jersey should be concerned about this race. Does the world really want another George Bush?

It cannot be forgotten that Chris Christie was handpicked by George W. Bush to serve as New Jersey’s chief federal prosecutor prior to being elected Governor.

Eric Hafner

Toms River, New Jersey

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